She tried to crowd surf and the tide went out

Hi, I'm Astrid

This blog contains mostly reblogging on various tv-shows and films with occasional random rambling and original content. Also a lot of shipping is bound to happen.

Things you'll probably find a lot of on here:

Farscape, Orphan Black, Harry Potter, Cate Blanchett, Orange is the New Black, AbFab, films and feminism

Tv shows I'm currently watching:

Sleepy Hollow season 2

Elementary season 1

The Untold History of the United States

The X-files season 4

Better off Ted Season 2

Game of Thrones season 4

…Yes, exactly.

The return of Sassabod Crane. (x)

I don’t think I am considered a Hollywood star. I have sometimes been told ‘you are on the verge of stardom’, and it amuses me. My professional choices are not those of a star: I am still intrigued by atypical scripts and the idea exploring unknown grounds excite me as much as ever. Thus, I have a predilection for characters that lose themselves; I always look for the flaw, the accident, the vice. As for my private life, it is not gossip material. I have been married to the same man for ten years and I have no taste for exhibitionism. There is no scandal in my life. As a result I am left alone, which make me extremely happy: anonymity fits me perfectly.

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Favorite Fe-isms [1/2]: Season 1

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Atonement (2007) - dir. Joe Wright

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the best moment in cinematic history

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I know this is probably the most used phrase on tumblr but: CloneClub you are amazing!!

Thank you so much to everyone who’s contacted me so far! I am really excited about talking to each and every one of you. You’ve made me even more pumped for the 6 months I’ll be spending writing my thesis :)

Have a great weekend all! :D